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How to map The Internet in 3D model.

Stitie Space (3D space with Stitie Machines, see Stitie Machine 'Sunsail' implementation for details) can be of any size if memory allows.

You can use such space to map subnet.

Then you can recurrentially add higher level networks using Stitie Space where each Stitie Machine represents or points to another lower level Stitie Space (map them in higher level Stitie Spaces).

If Stitie Spaces have same size, we can use words inner and outer Stitie Spaces (instead of mapping we join them next to each other, with outer Stitie Space containing inner).


  1. If Stitie Space is three dimensional, then n-dimensional would be: 'Stitie Hyperspace' ;)

  2. Po Polsku: Jeśli przestrzeń stanikowa jest trójwymiarowa, to n-wymiarową nazwałbym 'Nadprzestrzenią Stanikową'.