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Stitie Machine Requirements.

Is Stitie Machine too resource expensive to work for now?

Yes, for most of uses. But it's future project, with time frame for more or less 30 years. By that time it should be useful and mature enough.

Earlier it will have glimpses of usefulness too.

For example when it can work in 3D HD resolution (1080 x 1080 x 1080). About 1 Terabyte of cheap and fast RAM on desktop is needed for this. Perhaps it's 8-10 years, judging from my very simple calculations.

I hope i'll have time for optimization (precaching sine, common primes, similar computations, and more), for it's too slow now.

I doubt i'll have hardware layer too, so i have to design for running this on virtual machine. Good thing is that it's pro to run software in dedicated vm. Supercomputers can handle such very easily and modestly. Business does not have to invest in too much of expensive and unneccessary hardware. Admins have easier time too this way, for vm management is easier than 'juggling laptops'.

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