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Traditional Digital Art Form use in Stitie Machine.

3 (or less) -dimensional Art Forms can be used in Stitie Machine to form computer program that can be run.

Just paint Form as you wish or will.

Each color is associated with programming code (same color is same code.. so 'Color Picker' should be used carefully, but there's available great depth to colors), and it is designed to work like this.

Technical details:

Colors can be used as is needed, even duplicated in many pixels, for color depth can be deepened if neccessary.

Colors can show as the same, but have greater depth in fact.

Greater depth can also be displayed somehow... for example as complex icon (cheap solution)...., or deeper color with proper hardware (very expensive one).

Perhaps Forms can be 'imaged' in other ways as well.

See also: Stitie Machine.

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  1. Colors can be 'picked' and dropped in Artistic Tools such as painting computer programs. It will be the same with color/state of Stitie Machine and related solutions.