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Broadcast and Multicast routing.

In context of the Internet, in broadcast routing, the network layer provides a service of delivering a packet sent from a source node to all other nodes in the network.

Multicast routing enables a single source node to send a copy of a packet to a subset of the other network nodes.

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These methods can be combined, for example multicasting information to selected nodes, then broadcasting from each.

Stitie Machine (idea or implementation, core or newer) can be used to multicast skillfully. Selectively and orderly, with option for cascading and more. Cascading happens when strategy reaches node and is used to start new process of sending state(s) and/or strategy(-ies), perhaps cascading again (cascading can happen any number of times) from one or from multiple destination nodes.

See also: Unicast, Multicast Adressing, Broadcast routing.

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