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More about 'Ola AH' Language (background).

'Ola AH' programming language will provide syntax to Stitie Machine (and related) semantics.

There are Forms & Shapes in 3D Space in that language, that can be used to solve certain problems, and that is language's semantics (meaning).

Together, Syntax and Semantics form a programming language.

I've relied on Martial Arts Philosophy (Strike fast, 'F=m*a2') when designing Stitie Machine and related tools.

I know there's connection between languages and automatons (finite state automatons, stack machines, turing machines), that there are three types of grammars (regular expressions, context-free grammars, and context-sensitive grammars) and languages related to such. For more details see: [7].

I've heard that Kata Forms in Martial Arts are Martial Arts language.

Perhaps in 'Ola AH' language there can be Kata Forms?

I've idea that makes sense to me, for now at least.... all moves from 'Form A' to all related and intermediary Forms and back can consist of single Kata... In other words set of maneuvers and form transitions tied together for certain purpose might be Kata Form in context of programming languages.

Also... no programming language grammar should be completely unrelated to spoken language grammar (polish in this case, perhaps english as well later).

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