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Reverse Bonsai Tree Data Structure.

(place holder for article, need to prepare more).

(in honor of Reverse Polish Notation, Odwrotna Notacja Polska).

(anecdote: in Computer Sciences, trees grow with root upwards).


* Adaptable Data Structure, with operations that do not overuse resources,
* Minimalistic,
* For storing Arithmetic Expressions, accepts input in Reverse Polish Notation.

it should 'cut out' unneccessary subtrees as needed, for example if multiplied by 0. for that it should store subexpression result values at proper subtree nodes.

TODO: implementations (in Ansi C language and in Stitie Space, Java, Google Go, perhaps more.... in this order.).


* Ansi C implementation, without concurrency support, unfinished.

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  1. (PL) : 'bo nie bez korzeni... i żeby rosły do ziemii'. ;)