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MATEN Types.

MATEN (Certain Form Invocation in Stitie Space) can be:

* Seeding MATEN: invokes a Form, invocation will seed an 'initial state' in a Stitie Space. Such an 'initial state' can be a 'zero state' or not.
* Transforming MATEN: can invoke a Form, invocation will transform 'current state' of a Stitie Space into a 'transformed state' of a Stitie Space.
* Injecting MATEN: Transforming MATEN can be used to inject something into a Stitie Space. To smartly seek an 'empty spot' in Stitie Space, then put something there, and perhaps establish communication with other software components existing in this a Form. There is no 'standard communication method' between components - all depends on how they will be used. Perhaps they will be moving, perhaps not. One of possible implementations is to have unmoving components indexed, their coordinates stored, and making them responsible for handling communication with moving components in their area - just like with access points and mobile internet devices.

See: Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail'.

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