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Stitie Space and Service Locator Design Pattern.

Perhaps there should be Service Locator with Cache for Stitie Space.

It would fetch Stitie Machines from Stitie Space, at given Coordinates.

Problems to consider are:

* Whether it's still the same Stitie Machine still? Perhaps someone put new one at coordinates since last cache update.
* (Optional) Global Lock for MATEN - it has to handle Caches as well.

Perhaps such Service Locators could register at Stitie Space, which would handle them first - whenever it's neccessary.

Perhaps Stitie Machines should be Space-Time-Stamped when in a Service Locator - with date, time and coords of last modification, perhaps with history of such.

Perhaps such Service Locators should be Hierarchical.

This should not be implemented prematurely (before MATEN tests).

It's much harder to fix two errors at once, than when they are isolated.

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