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Core, N-Forces.

in context of this blog:

Often Forces Composition (for example for an attack) consists of many forces.

There's Core of Forces which performs given task.

There can be an escort which provides support (for example, light DDOS Projectors which tie Opposing Forces) while Force Core performs it's task (for example rootkit installer that performs a take-over operation on Opponents' Computer).

There can be Force Core that consits of N-Forces which together perform tasks. For example two rootkit installers which must attack N machines to take over such simultaneously. With DDOS projectors support, it can be called N-Forces Core with escort.

For example: we can have Force Core of 2 Forces with an escort, composed of 2 Rootkit Installers with escort of 4 DDOS projectors. Here 1 Rootkit Installer with two DDOS Projectors would form a Single Force with an escort.

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