OOA Domains.

in Object Oriented Analysis, a domain is:

def. A domain is a separate real, hypothetical, or abstract world inhabited by a distinct set of objects that behave according to rules and policies characteristic of the domain.


my intuition would be that a domain is a 'world' with its ideas (forms).

i've also learned that, like in Mathematics, domain is a set, finite or infinite, with rules that determine which objects are in domain, and which are not.


examples of such domains with objects, or worlds with ideas:

1. Railroad Management.
- train,
- schedule,
- freight car.

2. Screen Management.
- window,
- scroll bar.

3. Process Input/Output.
- sensor,
- actuator,
- ADC,
- binary input field.

4. Operating System.
- task,
- message,
- mailbox,
- event flag.

together they are part of Software to support Railroad Management.

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