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Parallel Sort Server.

i think that Stitie Space can be used to model Sorting Net or it's parts as neccessary.

When combined with Database, really large amount of data can be processed in parts, then combined into whole Sorted Data Structure.

Cost would be O(log2 n) plus cost of modelling & instantiating Sorting Nets which are more or less O(m2), where m is size of data parts to be processed, m ≤ n.

Because of multiple threads use, multiple processors or cores are used efficiently (will have to check / correct code if neccessary, once have Highly Parallel Machine to work with).

Specificially looking for Highly Parallel ARM Processors with Java Bytecode support.

See also: [4], Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail' for Stitie Space, Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) & Java, perhaps more.

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  1. i checked yesterday for Multi-Core ARM Processors... they are available to be bought, but only up to 8 Processor Cores. it's not Highly Parallel, will take years to improve i think... but i hope it'll happen in this life.