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Escort Field Tactic.

Checking Area.

Once we have formation, we exert control over a certain area.

Units we control check certain area, hindering enemy's movement & positioning, allowing us to secure key units.

If enemy unit(s) enter checked area, they can be attacked.


What if positionality (formation & position) is broken by attacking forces?

it can be restored with reinforcements, new units filling gaps after casaulties, position fought for again, or changed.

but only if we have proper supply lines to reinforce, for example: units reserves, units production.

Fields definitions.

A Field in Physics is a physical quantity that has a value for each point in space and time.

Example of a field of Dragonfly Algorithm is an object field with objects at coordinates
in Stitie Space. Each of objects has type & state.

Escort Field around the unit is checking area of all forces securing the unit.

Security Field around the unit is Escort Field & Units with their positions in Space that secure the unit to be escorted.

A Game of War.

What if objects represent military units? for example robotic drones?

Perhaps we can create a computer game that is simulation of a hypothetical front. Better than killing real beings, for Buddha advises against. But perhaps this game can protect as well, be wary of game's data used by Military.

Supply Forces Management.

Supply Forces Management is preparation (for example: arming, configuration) & movement.

Prepared supply forces are reserve forces in context of this blog.

Units can be reconfigured or rearmed later, after moving from supply to reserve, as well, but this is not 'Supply Forces Management' in context of this blog.

Reinforcement Tactic.

Reinforcement Tactic is Tactic used for reinforcing unit with lost units to restore full positionality, or at least recover formation at different position in space.

Multiple units a unit.

Unit can consit of many units. In context of this blog it's called 'Complex Unit', or 'Distributed Unit'.

See also: Checking Field & Tactics, Internet of Things, the Distributed Machine.

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