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Operating Systems Theory & Hacking.

under development, things to consider:

- hardware - physical machine, processor, memory, peripherals such as hard disk drive, graphics card, mouse, keyboard, anything else that can be connected to a computer,
- software - computer programs, both running as well as stored for running at other time,
- abstraction levels - ideas with lower level of abstraction are more concrete than ideas with high level of abstraction, which are more generalized & still on topic,
- software layers - contrary to many opinions, lower software layers form building blocks that are used in constructing software on higher layers. it's not the same as higher levels of abstraction on higher software layers. for example: computer game is not abstraction of operating system's kernel, game just uses kernel as a part. i can see that implementing computer system for one game only is concretization of machine, not abstracting use of computer system kernel.
- operating systems,
- kernels,
- assembler,
- C,
- system calls,
- perhaps more.

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