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Secure Communication with Moving Units.

i think this can have uses in Military,

if we consider Shapes & Forms, we notice that we can control route of the information flow in space.

Command(s) can be Split for Transmission & Joined at Destination, more or less final.

let's notice that units forming a graph can move or delay transmission as neccessary, as 'command' can be executed at any node graph or unit as neccessary. this command is basicly computer program that can determine more actions such as radar sweeps, units moving, transmitting signal, spliting signal, re-encryption, etc.

this means that data can be sent to message carrier(s) any way / route we prefer, encrypted twice for example, then carriers can move to destination before transmission - if special security procedures dictate.

that way communication protocols are harder to break - including high abstraction level protocols, i think.

See also, if You wish: Communication via 3 nodes, P2P Robot Cloud Control System, Nanite War Computer Game.

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