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Simple Circuits.

(example of circuit diagram(s) to be provided here).

in electric circuits, there are active & passive elements:
- active element might be accumulator during power discharge,
- passive element might accumulator during power charging.

on diagrams, arrows' directions mean positive direction of current's flow.
- positive current is current flowing in direction positive flow, as noted with arrows,
- negative current is current flowing in opposite direction to positive flow, as noted with arrows.

positive voltage is shown using arrow's direction.

with positive voltage:
- negative pole is always where arrow-line begins,
- positive pole is always near arrow-head.

amperage & voltage notation is complete only with arrow-notation.

without complete notation, amperage & voltage can't be calculated or computed properly enough.

(to be corrected & elaborated if i can, as it's needed & neccessary).

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