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Agile Transformation of Information State.

i think that clean coding & style is important part of code quality matters.

not only comments, proper naming etc ... but also simplicity & efficiency of data structure(s) are important.

combined with proper algorithms they are arguably best way of decreasing costs, as memory or processor-time use, perhaps more ...

i think that 'prettiness' of data structure can also be a sign of programmer's skill, but perhaps just a costly showoff too often ...


'Stitie Space', 3D Objects Matrix data structure, has certain unique 'convenience methods' that allow for a 'fine manipulation of objects' in 'computer memory', a space to be filled with numbers in itself, perhaps ...

these numbers belong to a usual set of {0,1} that is found in 'Computer Sciences' ... any 'number' or 'other data' can be represented with proper amount of these numbers ...

Stitie Space's 'convenience methods' include:
- MATEN functionality,
- Prism functionality,
- Finite State Objects,
- Conditionality & Events,
- Interactive Mindful Imaging & Events functionality.
- perhaps more ...

for a potential idea to be considered for future versions, see:
- Space, Transformations & Recursion.

'Ola AH' Programming Language should use Stitie Space, therefore it should also have these 'convenience methods', with an extra of:
- 'AH' mode.

i think that 'state of information' in 'computer memory' can be manipulated that way in a quite simple, elegant & skillful way.

there are costs however, when compared to low-level programming mechanisms, for example ...

there are also benefits, perhaps, as well ...


for Idioms, click if You wish or need, ... :

- MATEN, then Prism(s), an Idiom,
- Imaging Space in another Space, an Idiom,
- Strategy Execution Gate, an Idiom.
- 'Token Game', an idiomatic software construction method,

'MATEN' & 'Prism' functionalities will probably be replaced with other names in 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

for example:

   perhaps more ...

or using different, fairly terse syntax (notation), for example:

   int size = 108;

   // creating Stitie Space named mySpace1 with a proper size.
   create space mySpace1(size);

   // there can be default space size, probably of 1080 machines.
   create space mySpace2();

   // adding a form named myForm1 to Stitie Space named mySpace1.
   mySpace1 addf myForm1;

   // invoking a form named myForm1 in Stitie Space named mySpace1.
   mySpace1 ! myForm1;

   // prism named pt, with use of a coords tuple, in Stitie Space named mySpace1.
   // a tuple can be of a different size than just a 3-element tuple.
   mySpace1 -> pt, (coords1, coords2, coords3);

   // setting imager named myImager in Stitie Space named mySpace1.
   mySpace1 addi myImager;

   // perhaps more ...

See also, if You wish: Token Game.


  1. (EN) 'Agile Transformation of Information State'. = (PL) 'Zręczne Przekształcenie Stanu Informacji'.

  2. (PL) polskie tłumaczenie artykułu, być może wciąż dostępne:

    http://www.paranormalne.pl/blog/65/entry-602-zreczne-przeksztalcenie-stanu-informacji/ .

    (EN) polish translation of article, perhaps available still ...

  3. (EN) Agile = (PL) Zręczne.
    (EN) Skillful = (PL) Umiejętne.

    (EN) when i think about Agility, it's 'General Knowledge of how Computers work' ... it's best with 'a Skill in a given Tool-set of Programming Languages & Other ...', but where one lacks a Skill, Agility still is useful.

    For example when programming in unknown Programming Language ... then it's hacking without idioms use, Agility helps a lot, then Skill & Idioms is learned with time.

  4. (EN) in roleplaying games, often there's 'mental agility' called 'intelligence' & 'physical agility' called 'agility' or 'dexterity'. in my opinion roleplaying games help one to learn how to 'get in a role of ...', how to think & learn 'paradigms'.

  5. (EN) convenience methods = (PL) metody udogodnień.
    (EN) task = (PL) zadanie.
    (EN) convenience method for a given task = (PL) metody udogodnień do danego zadania, metody udogodnień pomagające w wykonaniu danego zadania.
    (EN) Matrix = (PL) Macierz.
    (EN) Object Matrix = (PL) Macierz Objektów.

  6. (EN) methods are functions or procedures of an object.
    (PL) metody to funkcje lub procedury objektu.

  7. (EN) what can be optimized if not 'memory' or 'cpu time cost' ? many tings, for example:
    - electric energy,
    - printer paper,
    - fighter plane's ammunition,
    - any resource that is 'connected with computing'.

  8. (EN) 'Programmer's' or 'Other Personnel's' time is also a resource, i think ...

  9. (EN) had insight, with remark it's from Thelema.

    'by the power of five aspects, code will be optimal ;)'

    these five aspects are:
    1. MATEN Form Invocation (Fire),
    2. Prism Form Transformation (Water),
    3. Finite State Objects (Guiding Spirit),
    4. Mindful Imaging (Air),
    5. Conditionality/Events (Earth).

    i can imagine that good code should contain mostly Spirit Aspect, not only earth. this is easy to do as spirit is contained in every element, and even in code not associated with any of elements. so Spirit Aspect should be naturally dominant.

    there's possibility of writing code without objects ... is it without spirit or not? depending ona perspective can be either or both.

    enjoy ;)

  10. (EN) For elements to be more complete, we'll add Ether aspect
    it's Light Point's accessors.

  11. (EN) earth element is 'conditionality & events' ... which is reduced to events. not all conditionality is combined properly with events, so it's not quite an earth. events occur in a response to certain conditions, so events' presence is enough to classify that part of code as earth.

  12. (EN) 'Communication Shortcuts' are also the Element of Air.

  13. (EN) 'Communication Shortcuts' are also the Element of Air.

  14. (EN) ... see also, if You wish or need, ... :

    Code's Elements' Visualization & Kabbalah.
    > [ http://dragonfly-algorithm.blogspot.com/2016/03/elements-visualization-kabbalah.html ].

  15. (EN) ... see also, if You wish or need, ... :

    Elements, Spirit, Akasha & Ether.
    > [ http://paco-knife-tarot.blogspot.com/2016/04/elements-spirit-akasha-ether.html ].

  16. (EN) Editor is also associated with Air.

  17. (EN) ... while events are associated with the Element of Earth, Event Bus - means of communication & events propagation - is associated with the Element of Air.

  18. (EN) Air is not only Sky & Heaven, but also Hells - depending on a perspective.

    'As above, so below'.

  19. (EN) Event Bus can be considered a link, an 'elevator' between earth (events) and air (mindful imaging), between earth, heavens & hells. it can transport messages to other software components/parts as well. if we consider 'World' as 'World of ideas' - and we will - then Event Bus is associated with communication/transportation between very man of worlds, not only earth, heavens & hells.

  20. (EN) ... see also if You wish:
    > [ http://fav.me/dc1qbw2 ].


  21. (EN) ... both conditionality, as well as events are associated with reality, physical world, the 'Kingdom', Malkuth Sephiroth.