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... are Science(s) worthwhile?

- is it worth to learn?
- probably not.

- is school paper better than 'true' ... 'knowledge' or 'skill'?
- often it is.

- is art any better?
- perhaps it is, part of them at that.

- is it worth to die for art?
- perhaps it's worth.

- why sciences are not worthwhile?
- no one wants to buy.

- does competition attack?
- possibly yes. too much of 'knowledge & skill' is perhaps rude, irresponsible, endangering 'sane standards' of 'truly certified people', at least in our eyes ...

- does this progress annoy both 'friends' & 'enemies',
- probably yes.

- is too much of science insane & alien?
- perhaps psychiatry as well.

- can true skill be proven?
- perhaps it can ...

- do people want to consider?
- probably not.

- what are experiences about business?
- just proven cheaps ... no place for 'true ambitions', it only costs ... better to not be aware of worker's 'true skill' ... use for 'cheap solutions', annoying to the extreme ...

- can they be creative in work?
- probably on their own cost, when no one pays them at all ... perhaps they won't sell anyway ... will be attacked nevertheless ...

- do scientists earn stellarly?
- probably in food ...

- what they have instead?
- it's only 'time loss' & 'stress' ...

- are they respected?
- probably not, in style they lack ...

- can find love at all?
- perhaps they can ...

- will they survive without someone?
- certainly not.

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