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MATEN, a Certain Form Invocation in Space.

- what is MATEN functionality?
- it's 'a Certain Form Invocation' in Space.

- is it related with Buddhism?
- yes, with 'Three Lights Meditation'. forms may emerge from Space & return to Space, partially or not. there are other transitions (Transformations of Forms in Space) possible, in theory, at least. not sure if it's safe, however ...

- are there other names for MATEN?
- 'Matrix Enhanced'.

see also, if You wish: MATEN Mathematics, MATEN Types, Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail', Agile Transformation of Information State, MATEN Form Transition & Detection.


there's 'Global Lock' functionality planned for MATEN & other uses, to simplify 'matters of thinking', mostly.


  1. ... there's also relation with Magic & Magick, ...
    ... with Many - Aspected Spiritual Way, ...
    ... because of 'invocation' word ...

    Many - Aspected Spirtual Way.
    - http://itsecinreal.blogspot.com/2014/12/many-aspected-spirtual-way.html ,

    Awakened Magic. :
    - http://parapsi-magick-spiritual.blogspot.com/2014/12/awakened-magic.html .

  2. what type of Magick?
    - of a 'Virtual Adept'.

    for more details, consult 'Mage: The Ascension' book, perhaps more ...
    - http://paco-knife-tarot.blogspot.com/2015/02/mage-ascension.html .

  3. perhaps in this life this can be combined with other tools as:
    - nanotechnology, NEMS (nanoelectromechanical systems),
    - speech detectors,
    - other software.

    forms can be prepared if You know how, then invoked later.

    for most of people it's black magic - so hard to understand, for software developers it's just code that works 'as can be seen'.