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most of the 'lessons' on this blog are compatible with each other.

there are more or less powerful synergies (greater than sum of the parts) & combinations, however.

they are usually hyperlinked as is usual in the Internet.

this combination however, deserves separate post, most likely, i think.

- 'Talking Objects' Solutions,
- Finite State Automatons and Regular Expression Basics.

programmer's work is not only a knowledge of a subset of one of Programming Languages, perhaps other tools as well.

there are also 'theories' & 'fine practices', practical as 'Potatoes of the Earth'.

is this noble enough?

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  1. i think nothing is free.
    when someone does draw benefit from Dragonfly Algorithm, he or she should pay us somehow ...

    for example:

    - by donation,
    - by eating potatoes refined in oil from McDonalds or KFC,
    - other way(s) perhaps ...