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State Prism is efficient means of transforming part(s) of Stitie Space ...

finer solution for small changes than MATEN, especially when parts of Stitie Space are not connected internally.

(there are exceptions & exceptional situations, it's not just as simple as that - often MATEN can be used for something else than big changes, Prism has also ability to transform whole Space).

why it's named Prism?

because of its ability to affect light & colors,

in a context of this blog, state can be called color,

in a context of this blog (State, Strategy) pair can be called 'Light Point', an 'Object Equivalent'.

it's related with 'Mindful Imaging' software component, that lets state of information in computer memory be visualized on a monitor screen to see how software works, to see how data structures look.

(perhaps will elaborate details later, perhaps it's not neccessary).

see also, if You wish: Agile Transformation of Information State.

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