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'Art and Dharma Teachings' with 'Ola AH'.

... seems that 'Ola AH' Programming Language interpreter (not compiler) should be a part of 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Portal Project.

interpreter is easier, java-compatible ...

(Google App Engine infrastructure on which 'Art & Dharma Teachings' is run, uses Java, so it integrates easily & seamlessly with an interpreter written in Java),

interpreter should be completed before a compiler.

interpreter is better solution for 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project than compiler in my fairly educated opinion.

... reason for including 'Ola AH' in 'Art & Dharma Teachings' is modelling speech forms functionality.

'Ola AH' is a nice tool for modelling & transforming graph data structures in three dimensions, but there's more ...

... including 'Ola AH' Programming Language interpreter in 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project will allow us to write 'Art & Dharma Teachings' parts in 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

parts at first, then whole, then perhaps we can switch the whole to compiler as well ... resulting in immediate very high of speed's & memory performance increases.

> 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Drawing Board a link: [ click. ];
> 'Modelling Speech Forms' a link: [ click. ];
> 'Ola AH' Programming Language a link: [ click. ];
> this article on deviantART: [ click. ];


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