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Modelling Speech Forms.

i think that Speech Forms & Arguments used in a Speech might be analyzed, modelled as with a Graph.

i think that 'Ola AH' programming language, once created, might help with that.

elegant dedicated syntax might allow for easier thinking & better graph transformations & analysis.

perhaps this can support even real-time analysis of speech's popularity for a target group(s).

with a varied mindful imaging visualizations, as well.

a 'Graph',
a 'Graph' of Arguments' Popularity.

if we wish to say argument 9,
let's take care of supporting arguments as well,
... it's 11 & 8 in this case.

for 11 we should also take care of 5 & 7,
for 8 we should also take care of 7 & 3,
for 5 we should take care of 11 as well.

if we wish to say 10,
let's notice,
argument 10 supports itself,
perhaps we should speak it many of a time.
it's supporting arguments are 11, 10 & 3.

this 'graph' is a 'directed graph',
for there are 'arrows' at the 'ends of the lines',

there are 'cycles' in this 'graph',
11->5->11 & 10->10 in this case,
... arguments we should speak many of a time, perhaps.

see also, if You wish or need, ... : Art Talk, Integral Speech, 'Ola AH' Programming Language, Graphs, Mindful Imaging.

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