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'Ola AH' Programming Language for Nanotech ?

... this seems to be quite advanced in time thinking, but has to start somewhere anyway.

i think that since a certain day NEMS nanites & other nanotechnologies will be well understood by many of the people,

i think that since a certain day NEMS device drivers will be part of available technologies.

programming languages for coordinating 3-dimensional nanite swarm clouds will be neccessity, 'Ola AH' Programming Language should compete against other such solutions, i think.

... this will be one of possible use cases for this a Language, not only the nanotech.

there are many use cases for 3D worlds or realities modelling, including modelling market shares that Companies own, or modelling 3D Game Worlds.

i have faith that if something dramatic & catastrophic won't happen, 'Ola AH' Programming Language will have a lot of use cases in this life.

(i am a 38 years old scientist & artist at this moment, i am mostly Proficient with computer software programming including 5-years Professional Programming experience, i've did a Parser at work as well.).


by R.W. Kelsall,
I.W. Hamley,
a Post in the LinkedIn's NEMS Group.

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