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Danger Level Confirmed, HACKINT.

a Polish Hacking forum's post,
(click to enlarge, if You wish).

... it's still a danger, but not a threat yet.

building blocks:
- Anonymous SSH Hack,
- Dictionary SSH Hack,
- Denial of Service Hack,
- Disconnecting Wireless,
- Hacking Wireless,
- Dictionary Webapp Hack,
- ... buffer overlov,
- Buffer Overflow - Exploit,
- Hack: Simplest of Backdoors,
- What is a Rootkit?

... it's a uncoordinated (still) attack on 2 ports: SSH & HTTP, later will be nicely concurrent, if i can.

... there's more as well, if You look ... You'll learn.

it's also copied there: Danger Level Confirmed, HACKINT.

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