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GWT, Ajax Socket.

- what is GWT?
- it's Google Web Toolkit, a tech for AJAX webapp development with Java.

- is it true that Java is compiled to javascript?
- you can write a webapp client in a java subset (simpler java), as far as i know & remember, server has power of full java, perhaps only in a version 1.7 so far.

- is it possible to do ajax socket?
- yes. ajax socket is ajax message sent in a response to a client event that is handled by server ... we do not know when it arrives, but we are prepared to execute code on client once it does. or handle error message if neccessary, probably timeout message as well. as part of message handling on server socket is used, ...

- can ajax socket be abstracted?
- i think yes. i'd like to keep low-level mechanism, but also invest in ajax socket abstraction ... so it's easy to create sockets messages in a response to a client events.

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  1. (EN) ... main use cases for ajax socket, at least for me would be Android & Web Services integration.