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Strategy Execution Gate, an Idiom.

... this adds extra security to strategy execution over a Light Point.

let's consider the case:
- permissions let someone change the state, but not allow for strategy execution or change.

gate algorithm as follows:
- we send strategy that asks if strategy can be executed.
- sent strategy changes the state in a destination LightPoint, vanishing afterwards.
- state change triggers event that might result in informing (by changing state or other ways) the source LightPoint as well. source LightPoint knows, if they can't or can for a while.
- if source can, it sends strategy to execute, setting state to key, then after set amount of time tries strategy execution as well.
- with proper concurrency & time constraints, strategy is executed once over a destination, then is released to vanish & dissipate.

see also, if You need or wish, ... : Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail'.

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