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Code's Elements' Visualization & Kabbalah.

... had this an idea for a while, now sharing it to the public.

Mindful Imaging aspect of the Stitie Space's code can present program (LightPoint object graph) in many ways.

One of these ways is showing Qabbalistic elements' composition in the code, perhaps auras as well. we can visualize how elements play, how auras transform, etc ... ;)

... i think that 'Ola AH' Programming Language's compiler should have it done as well.

- there are tools for .class files analysis, which make the task of imaging in the interpreter quite trivial,
- still class trees have to be built, one file's analysis is not enough - more work, but still fairly short due to tools.

see also, if You wish: Stitie Machine 1.2 'Satellite'.


... why Kabbalah (& Qabbalah) are important?

it's because i hold in my perceptions an opinion that they are worthy of allying with them, even at the cost of other markets.

... mostly because of Anti-Terrorism, but also i think that Judaism is intelligent.

... what is the difference between Kabbalah & Qabbalah?

Kabbalah is more Judaism, Qabbalah is more Hermetic.


Proposed elements' visualizations:

Elements & Spirit Symbols of The Golden Dawn.
(colors may differ).

Spirit as represented by above symbol is abstract,
not restricted to a certain group(s) of people.

Aether or Ether - Western Term for Akasa or Spirit.

(This symbol is used in Dragonfly Algorithm's context,
to represent Spirituality as practiced by Western Buddhism for example).

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