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MATEN, Prism & Modelling Software Parts.

Every of Software Parts can be modelled.

Every of Software Parts can be modelled in 3D using Stitie Space.

MATEN & Prism Functionalities can be used to reform graphs, to invoke or transform different forms - for the security, for a speed, for a task changes.

Mindful Imaging can be used to Visualize, can be interactive to manage forms manually, with AI hints, or to oversee management automation - with or without a proper Artificial Intelligence.

All of above ways will have a place in the Idiomatic Programming with 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

Both 'Ola AH' Programming Language Concurrency Nicety, as well as Decision Filters are examples of Modelling Software parts in 3D using Stitie Space.

See also, if You wish or need, ... : Agile Transformation of Information State.

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