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If you want peace, prepare for war.

'If you want peace, prepare for war'.

It's a truth known to the whole World.

i think it's true, because showing weakness invites enemy forces to strike earlier.

That's why blog's author wishes to study:
- Hacking & Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography as well,
- Cyber Terrorism; Intelligence & Counterintelligence efforts, incuding Sabotage,
- Artificial Intelligence,
- Nuclear & War Politics of Arabian Countries, as well as Missles & Interception Missles Developments - Mostly Long Range Missles, NATO SHIELD & related, as well,
- Advanced Mathematics, Quantum Physics & Nanotech.

These are a Very Dangerous fields, to not neglect.

i (Andrzej Wysocki, neomahakala108@gmail.com) am an amateur hacker, but i wish to work in the Cyber Security in the EU NATO Structure, probably in a small Company or a Corporation soon - located in Warsaw, Poland - if neccessary - in more than one Company or a Corporation.

My main concern is Cyber Terrorism & it's threat to World's Peace, especially when Quantum Computers start to create the Cipher Crisis, resulting probably in Economic Crisis & other threats as well.

Later in life (in about 12-20 years, i think) i wish to create a Corporation, NIDAN Software.

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