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Understanding & Tools as Eclipse IDE.

Software Development & Construction uses tools that speed this process up - more than significiantly.

One of my favourite tools is Eclipse IDE, even if i use only a small part of it's features.

An advice to less experienced students of this a blog - there's no need to learn all of the IDE, only neccessary or needed parts. i do not know most of it as well, myself - yet i am a Professional still.

Eclipse IDE is great because of simplicity & great design, as well as thanks to it's plugin system.

A recent update of Eclipse IDE (Eclipse Che 4.7) includes splitting editors into parts, potentially a very convenient tool.

When a program part is contained in a single screen, it's easier to understand - no need to scroll the window & lose part of the code from sight.

That's one of reasons why we use functions, procedures & methods in our elegant coding as well.

Splitting windows allows to see & analyze longer code portions easier, i think & feel.

See also if You wish, or need, ... : Few thoughts on code quality (for professionals), How code quality can be measured.

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