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Simple Examples & Professional Practices.

When one tries to learn something, it's worth to start from something simple, from a little of theory & from a simplest of examples.

Complex examples make things harder to understand.

There's the difference between learning something simple by an example and between producing professional & optimal code.

Both in technical books, as well as on Universities - teachers teach one problem solution at a time, using knowledge taught & practiced earlier by students as well.

Professionals still strive for simplicity, for creating 'objects' that handle their responsibilities - their tasks - as elegantly, as shortly & as concisely as possible.

But professionals know much, use advanced tools & known theories to handle the programming eloquently & optimally.

Objects interrelations make code more complex, it's often better to make things work together, best from a perspective of whole groups of objects collaborating - instead of simplifying their behaviors to simplest behaviors considering each of objects in separation of other objects.

Walking one dog is far different than handling a sleigh with a twelve husky hounds afterall.

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